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Transforming the Workplace


Creating an equitable and compassionate workplaces may seem ambitious or even impossible. We believe it IS POSSIBLE!

Our mission is to education and empower leaders, and future leaders, to create mindful workplaces shaped by a culture that communicates with empathy, encouragement and compassion.

Let’s be the she/her/hers poster person for transformation in the workplace!


If you're a woman who's ready to thrive, not merely survive marginalization in the workplace, and is eager to learn a

science-based practical process to express your feelings and

feel heard - even when it

feels impossible – 

Then Let's GO!

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Are you ready to increase your joy, and reduce your anxiety in the workplace? 
Are you curious to know how negativity can show up unintentionally in all conversations?

Then register for this  TRANSFORMATIVE 4-hr workshop and connect with

some wonderful women!


Camilla Patten and other empowering women invite you to be part of this unique, interactive workshop. Together, you'll explore the power of Safe Conversations® and discover how compassion can survive, and you can thrive in a workplace that has less than ideal situations. It is possible.

This interactive workshop is specifically for women who may be struggling with challenges or setbacks in their careers. Whether you work for a boutique firm, for yourself, or a national corporation, these tools can help YOU transform your workplace through compassion and turn conflict into connection. 


Learn how intentional compassion in the workplace leads to success,

both for the individual and for the business. 

This workshop is for:

  • Women decision-makers, CEO’s and business owners, seeking tools to implement compassion into their workplace.

  • Women that work in an environment where compassion and empathic leadership does not exist.

  • Women that need support navigating through negative and uncomfortable conversations.

  • Women that are at a crossroads, needing guidance, support, and the know-how to stop obstacles before they start in their career.



Includes: 4HR Online workshop, manual PLUS...

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•    Discover how compassion can survive and thrive in the workplace. 
•    Learn a mindset to eliminate negativity, marginalization and patterns of isolation through compassion, curiosity and conversations both at work, and at home.
•    Find how you can break-the-cycle of repeated negative situations in your career.

•    Learn to feel valued, heard and confident in all conversations. 

When faced with difficult conversations and stressful conditions, we often fail to communicate effectively. These situations leave us feeling unheard, frustrated, and doubting our confidence. They also create disconnection, conflict, and a tense work environment.  

Have you ever felt unheard and unvalued at work?

Have you felt alone, isolated, and disconnected?

Do you strive for a culture of compassion? 

Never feel powerless to another again. 
Receive the tools needed when blindsided into a conversation battle, unarmored and unprepared to effectively communicate your thoughts and opinions. 
With these newfound skillsets you will see improved results in your health, career path, personal/professional relationships and your confidence in the workplace.

enter CODE WARRIOR to receive FREE 30-min Coaching from Camilla!

Be part of the Transformation! 


In the 4 hrs you will learn to:
•    Discuss difficult topics without conflict
•    Feel seen and heard in your professional life
•    Discover and understand the actions of other people around you
•    Stop the stressful and frustrating repeated patterns in your career
•    Learn to respond instead of reacting when things get emotional and passionate

AND feel connected, appreciated, safe and part of a tribe of supportive women.

It is hard to do anything alone.

Courage, compassion, and the collaborative mindset of

Safe Conversations® can move mountains!

Connect and grow with other women and forever change how you navigate any relationship, and any conversation, in your career. 


If you love feeling connected and inspired by a group of like-minded women in a safe and fun environment - THEN JOIN US!

Connect and grow with other women in this 4 hr workshop that will forever change how you navigate any relationship and any conversation in your career. 

$99.00 Includes: 4HR Online workshop, manual PLUS...

enter CODE WARRIOR to receive FREE 30-min Coaching from Camilla!

Camilla Patten helps women overcome life challenges by discovering their best-self through their source, their power, their story. A published author, speaker, and brand coach for visionaries and entrepreneurs, Camilla teaches women how to live a life of transparency and tenacity.


With over 25 years of sales and marketing experience, along with an outstanding business mindset owning several business herself, she has worked with national brands and start-ups, corporate and non-profit, ranging from retail to real estate, and now focusing on the givers and healers of the world. 

Female Warrior Co. empowers and supports women in the workplace, integrating the

Safe Conversation™ process into businesses. The US Bullying Institute discovered:

In 2014, in the workplace, 31% of perpetrators were women,

68% of those women targeted other women.

In 2017 the number stayed consistent at 67%.

In 2020/21 it continues to rise.


Our sisterhood needs further nurturing and connecting in the workplace, 

our goal is to drastically reduce this number.

Female Warrior is transforming the workplace through webinars, lectures, workshops, group coaching, and leadership coaching.

Sign up now!

Transform your Workplace! 

Join a safe and nonjudgmental community of support and leadership.

Conquer self-doubt, fear and negative spaces

Skills to listen, be heard, and connect

Create a life of joy, wonder and compassion