Warriors Transforming the Workplace

Creating more equitable and compassionate workplaces may seem ambitious or even impossible. We believe it IS POSSIBLE!

Our mission is to education and empower leaders, and future leaders, to create mindful workplaces shaped by a culture that communicates with empathy, encouragement and compassion.

Let’s be the she/her/hers poster person for transformation in the workplace!


•    Discover how compassion can survive and thrive in the workplace. 
•    Learn a mindset to eliminate negativity, marginalization and patterns of isolation through compassion, curiosity and conversations both at work, and at home.
•    Find how you can break-the-cycle of these repeated negative situations. Learn to feel valued, heard and confident in all conversations. 

Never feel powerless to another again. 
Receive the tools needed when blindsided into a conversation battle, unarmored and unprepared to effectively communicate your thoughts and opinions. 
With these newfound skillsets you will see improved results in your health, career path, personal/professional relationships and your confidence in the workplace. GUARANTEED

Transforming the workplace will begin in 2021 with webinars, lectures, workshops, online courses, group coaching, one-on-one coaching and MORE!

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Be the Transformation! 

Join a safe and nonjudgmental community of support and leadership.

Conquer self-doubt, fear and negative spaces

Skills to listen, be heard, and connect

Create a life of joy, wonder and compassion

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