Virtual Summit Day One
Thriving in a Safe and Nonjudgmental Space.
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Carolyn M. Williams

Carolyn is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), a Certified Belief Therapist (CBT), and a Candidate for Certified Financial Planner designation (CFP). While being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Carolyn received revelation on finances and kingdom wealth. After being healed, she became a millionaire following the financial empowerment principles and was sparked with a passion to live, teach and coach money management and wealth building to people to all walks of life. 

Carolyn will elevate you with tools on: Virtual stock market trading, living debt free, achieving financial freedom, planning for retirement and more!! If you have ever struggled with money or are currently coping with won't want to miss this interview!

Niseema Dyan Diemer 

Niseema is a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, Board Certified Polarity Practitioner with additional training in Bodynamic Developmental Psychology.  Anxiety, pain, fear and hyper-vigilance are symptoms of a nervous system frozen in time. Niseema of Dynamic Balance Body Centered Therapy, helps her clients build the capacity and resources needed to gently release the freeze, trauma, and shock.  Somatic education, body oriented resourcing skills, and relational support is at the core of her work

Anger is the expression of power and protection and is a complicated emotion, especially for women. Niseema will guide you to claim your anger and your boundary as these are the primary stepping stones to your liberation and success. A powerful and insight conversation.  

Lisa Princic

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A professional coach since 2008, Lisa is trained in Tara McMullin's Business Strategy and prior to launching her business she worked as a management consultant in Corporate Social Responsibility. Using several strategic approaches and methodologies, she can help build a business model from the ground up with laser focus intentions and confidence. Lisa is an intuitive and independent seeker who has conquered most of her demons and that’s what makes her a perfect thought partner for any emerging thought leaders. 

Have a business idea? Staring at a blank canvas trying to create a business canvas? Lisa will provide insights and advise on how to set realistic expectations, how long those will take, how to carve your niche in the market and how much marketing it required and integrated. A MUST listen if you are growing an online business.