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2020 uncovered many things, it provided us a space to self-reflect and uncover attributes about ourselves that were untapped. For many of us we discovered our ability to stretch and grow. Our resiliency was exercised as we were forced into unprecedented and uncomfortable situations.

We also discovered that transformation is possible.

Our lives and daily routines were transformed, and we survived. We emerged on the other side stronger, conscious of our change and aware of how truly resilient we are.

We now know that anything is possible, and that radical transformation can happen from an abrupt change. Often, we don’t realize that transformation of such magnitude is needed until we are placed in uncomfortable and unparalleled circumstances.

So how can we apply this newfound power of profound transformation to the workplace?

Courage, compassion and conversations.

It is hard to do anything alone. Together we are strong and united. Courage as a collaborative mindset can move mountains. It starts from your inner voice, knowing you have the strength to persevere any obstacles. It then grows with the compassionate support of your tribe.

  • 63% of women in the workplace feel unseen, unheard and undervalued.

  • 45% of those women have experienced marginalization, exclusion and dominance.

  • 83% of women in office settings have experienced difficult conversations that led them to feel suppressed and isolated and unworthy.

  • 57% of women feel that their salaries are adequate

We usually fail to communicate effectively when faced with difficult conversations and stressful conditions. These situations leave us feeling unheard, frustrated and doubting our confidence. Conversations have the power to change brain patterns, change your mindset and in-turn change the world.

  • 91% of women fear that will lose their jobs if they report unsafe work environments.

  • 56% of women that reported marginalization incidents with their supervisors found their work environment turn uncomfortable and they eventually left the organization.

Women are silenced and alone in the workplace.

Transformation is needed.

Transformation is possible.

“Compassion is the radicalism of our time.” The Dalai Lama

Compassion is the answer to all problems…we know this. It has been well documented, researched, and proven.

How do we incorporate compassion in the workplace and still maintain profitability, production and progress? Most would say it is impossible. We are wired with the idea that corporate America is cutthroat and that it is impossible for compassion to exist.

Compassion CAN exist in corporate. And with it emerges an increase in profitability, production and progress.

Marginalization is the problem. Compassion is the solution.

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