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The Intention of Our Branding

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

We have received wonderful feedback regarding our Female Warrior Company logo and branding verbiage, even before we launched. We have appreciated all input, viewpoints and various perspectives of how women perceived our branding and logo.

Even if the feedback was from an opposing, or almost negative outlook, we still viewed it as wonderful because it gave us an alternative perspective.

The foundation and mission of the Female Warrior brand is to value others’ opinion and connect beyond differences, we truly loved experiencing everyone’s point of view culturally, spiritually and politically.

We would appreciate the opportunity to communicate our point of view, not to influence, but to explain our perspective regarding our brand.

The word “Warrior”

If you google the word “female warrior” the images displayed are of intimidating women that are visually fierce, ruthless, armored with weapons and armor. They are not very approachable as they possess an intimating presence to their opposition.

We believe a warrior can be strong with compassion, integrity and empathy. We believe that battles can be won with zero negativity.

As women we are pulled into many battles daily, at the breakfast table when her two beloved children and lashing out at each other, when we look at ourself in the mirror and battle our insecurities, when we experience marginalization or segregation in the workplace, when we try to repair and resort relationships with good intentions but the outcome is just a battle.

We are all Female Warriors, as femmes we have our own battles, whether they are with ourselves, our environments or in relationships.

We are often misunderstood, undervalued, unseen and maybe even a bit odd, we don’t fit the mold, but we possess a light that is magnificent and ready to shine. Our mission is not to bulldoze, but uplift and connect.

We are Warriors that possess an internal strength which is not always viewed on the surface. As warriors we don’t’ lead with intimidation, we don’t bulldoze, we do enter into a confrontation with kindness. We fight the opposition by standing beside them, seeing their viewpoint, listening and connecting beyond differences.

This approach is an unconventional tactic, but just like the Trojan horse, approach you nemesis unexpectedly. They won’t see you coming with connection and compassion, but this is how we believe our battles will be won.

Taking an alternative journey to our battles, with ourselves and with others, viewing the battle through another lens, heading into a negative situation with an empathic ear is definitely thinking out of the box and breaking the mold. Breaking this perception of a “female warrior” maybe an uphill battle, but as tribe, as a community, we are determined to break the mold, change the perception of what a Female Warrior is.

This is how we will win our battles. Let’s shine Warriors!

The word "Tribe" (tribal)

The term “tribe” originated in ancient Rome, where the word tribus denoted a division within the state, but it can be also interpreted as a form of cultural misappropriation in many beliefs and nations. It may also be used to support racist assumptions for various cultures. In Africa, "tribal" often implies "savage." this resonates with traditional Western racist ideas and can suggest that irrational violence is inherent and natural to tribal situations.

The word tribe is also held in high regard and respect with Indigenous cultures, they describe their communities as an actual “tribes”. We are mindful and respectful to all cultures; we are aware and understand the hardships many cultures have endured.

We use the word tribe informally, as described in The Cambridge Dictionary as; a large family or group that someone belongs to. Or in Merriam-Websters as:

"a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest."

The word “Female”

Talking (which online or virtually is writing) is one of the most dangerous things we do. Listening is far more important but a skill that is not often used to its full potential.

We listened to all that appose using the term “female”. The Female Warrior brand connects beyond differences; our values are to cross the bridge of perception and stand on the oppositions’ side and view their perspective. We care what you think and feel, your feelings are valid.

We are a welcoming community with open arms ready to empower all femmes, We have no binary restrictions, we are your ally, whether female, women, questioning, non-binary, or any form in between…we are accepting of all femmes. We also have a special place for all males that support us…..a future blog on this to follow.

We would rather not identify people by their gender, people are people, but in our case, we are breaking the mold of the conventional “Female Warrior” changing the perception, viewing from another perspective.

Connecting beyond differences is the heart of Female Warrior Company and is the key to conquering negative situations and battles.

The logo - yoga pose

Our Co-Founder and Co-Executive Officer Anne Contee is of Eastern Indian decent, she is also a certified yoga instruction. We developed the Female Warrior logo with intent and consideration to the warrior poses, or Virabhadrasana, which have an actual story behind them rooted in the Hindu tradition.

The story begins with Daksha, a powerful priest, who failed to invite his daughter Sati and her husband Shiva to a ritual sacrifice. Sati decided to go to the ceremony nonetheless but humiliated by her father, threw herself into the sacrificial fire and died.

When the news reached Shiva he was devastated, and out of rage tore out a lock of his hair an threw it into the ground. A powerful warrior named Virabhadra rose from the earth ready to fight for Shiva.

Sati’s husband sent him to destroy Daksha and the sacrifice, and after his revenge was accomplished retired into meditation to grieve. Later on, Sati is reborn, and she and Shiva find love together again. This story is a reminder that violence or revenge is never a way to reduce one’s pain, as Shiva was still mournful after murdering Daksha.

The poses:

Warrior 1 represents a warrior arriving to battle with two swords in hand.

Warrior 2 represents a warrior focusing on a target

Warrior 3 represents the dismay of the warrior’s opponent with the two swords.

The Warrior 2 pose speaks of focus, channeling your strength and focusing on your goal or your obstacle. In this pose you face your palm up, ready to receive tools that the universe, lady universe, will offer you. All of these elements are beautiful adaptations to our brand and are directly correlated to our mission and vision.

Anne continually contributes her wisdom and cultural experiences into the Female Warrior brand. We will be incorporating yoga classes and other yoga principles into our workshops, courses and retreats. We will be exploring the 8 Limbs of Yoga as part of our Female Warrior Membership programming…stay tuned for the online course!

More information on all these excited developments will be available soon, sign up to our newsletter to be informed!

There you have it, the creative thought process behind our brand. Here at Female Warrior Co. we are an open book, with believe we can learn and grow from authenticity and vulnerability, and from other’ Female Warrior experiences, stories and feelings.

The foundation of our membership is to connect beyond differences, a journey of awakening in viewing another’s perspective with alternative lenses.

This is how we will break the mold and conquer our battles.

We thank you for listening. (reading)

If you view any of these decisions and thoughts in a different way, we are curious to know more. Please email us at curious@femalewarriorco.com

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