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Be in the FLOW-A Mindful Practice.

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

India is my heart and my home; I was born and raised close to Mumbai. Mumbai is a city always bustling with sounds, unique smells, wandering stray animals, and humans draped in vibrant colors.

A person’s senses are in a heightened state of engagement when you land among 1.06 billion people.My American friends sometimes have apprehension traveling to India. My recommendation to a newcomer traveling to India is to get into the “Flow.”

Flow usually has rhythm, and one has to step into that flow to experience balance.

I have come up with an acronym for FLOW to help my western friends traveling to a developing nation; F for Fierce, L for Light, O for Openness and W for Wonder. This acronym provides a four step guide on how to embrace India with wonder and joy.

Let's explore each.

  • F: If apprehensive visitors learned to be Fierce and push through the sounds, smells and sights of India, they will have a remarkable experience. This aggressiveness is used to push through your comfort zone and connect to the adventure.

  • L: Travel light, meaning not getting too attached to the sadness with India’s deprivation, poverty, and injustice. A high level of resiliency is needed for travelers in order to build an emotional muscle for those that have endured hard paths.

  • O: Be open and flexible. Learn to adjust, adapt and accommodate to the process, this will help experience not only India but other uncomfortable paths with empathy and curiosity.

  • W: Life offers us its unique wonder and awe alongside limitless cruelty. We seldom slow down to experience the beauty and wonder in order to find treasures in our tragedy. We all get swept into our day to day, fixing things, rescuing our brokenness and moving with a firm duty-bound commitment from point A to B.

To initiate FLOW and live wholeheartedly is to embrace mindfulness. A mindfulness practice rewards an individual with a balanced groundedness, devoid of reactivity and free from anxiousness and depression by merely slowing down. When a person lacks mindful living, they are out of the rhythmic flow of life.

A life without purpose is like being hijacked by fear, dispensing energy towards the primitive instinct of self-preservation, where all decisions made, and emotions expressed are rooted in fear and a survival instinct.

Most individuals then feel stuck, disconnected, and utterly unhappy. The relational behaviors executed appear purely self-centered, operating from a closed, dried-up reservoir.

When people transcend from head to heart, it immediately metabolizes the harmonious FLOW-Fierce, Light, Openness, and Wonder.

Our true meaning is to integrate mind, body, and soul, thus training the mind to think pragmatically to seek peace and happiness within. Understanding this concept helps us live a conscious and mindful life.

There are various approaches to the practice of mindfulness, often prescribed through yoga or a meditation ritual to achieve this level of coherence. Although, these practices are a good source of discipline to maintain regularity for mindful awareness and integration, initiation into a mindfulness practice may be simply silence. A sense of sacredness emerges from silence and creates refreshing positive behaviors.

A more straightforward and practical approach to practicing mindfulness is to accept and acknowledge our present moment with the least resistance. Channel the flow from the heart, executing calmness, contentment, happiness to regulate our emotions. Being present in the here and now without judgment helps us enter the beginning of each day with a keen awareness and curiosity.

These approaches allow us to be more flexible rather than fixed or rigid; we then become more open, accepting, and tolerant towards our circumstances and others.

As western travelers, we can appreciate the wonder of life and build emotional muscle to remain present without getting attached to our desired outcomes.

We wish you the best mindful journey!

Anne Contee

Thank you for listening. (reading)

If you view any of these decisions and thoughts in a different way, we are curious to know more. Please email us at curious@femalewarriorco.com.

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