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Remember Curious George? Well, he was a hero!

Who knew that little monkey Curious George was a hero?! But he was, he was courageous! The courage to be curious and live life with a child-like state of wonder leads to connections in all of your relationships. It makes you a hero in your story and others.

The word ‘wonder’ in the dictionary is both a noun and a verb. It can be a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration caused by something unexpected. Or, it can be an action, the desire to be curious about something we don’t know.

Being in a state of wondering (verb) helps us remove negativity from our lives. It creates curiosity and instills safety in the energy between two people and thereby leading us to a feeling of wonder. (noun)

The ability to wonder about another person means you release any judgment or predetermined ideas of knowing what the other person believes, thinks, or feels.

People love to know! They love to know more than you, correcting you on a fact, adding onto your statement, or better yet, interrupting you to let you know you are wrong and that they know more.

Wondering takes us from the state of ‘knowing’ and invites us to step into the state of ‘not knowing.’ If we want to eliminate negativity from our lives, we need to work towards the act of wondering, the act of not-knowing.

Remember when you were a kid, and you were full of wonder? Constantly opening cupboards, climbing into things, putting things into your mouth, asking questions, embarking into the ‘unknown' with curiosity and adventure. Just like George!

Step into this child-like state of wonder, be open-minded about other people and their situations.

The simple phrase “tell me more?” is a humble and effective way to let another person know you are genuinely curious about what they just said. You are asking to know more about them, rather than shifting the attention back to you, stating a fact and boasting about your ‘knowing’.

Remember: This curiosity must come from a place of authenticity and transparency, if not it is not effective.

“Tell me more?” can instill safety in someone and make them feel appreciated and heard. It releases a chemical from our brain that promotes a sense of peace, calm, and safety which will also affect the energy between you, another person and creates a deeper connection.

Once you are aware of how to shift from ‘knowing’ to ‘not-knowing’ you can easily remove judgment or preconceived thoughts about someone, moving you into a space of wonder, curiosity, and connection.

Just like any new exercise, practice makes perfect.


Before you judge.

Before you assume.

Before you criticize.

Step out of your own space, and into another’s.

Remove your preconceptions of knowing, clear your mind and become curious. Remember George, that mischievous and curious monkey that possesses unknown courage and compassion.

Today, be curious about everything! Be George! Try incorporating the phrase “tell me more about that.” and discover what happens to the energy between you and everyone you encounter.

We thank you for listening. (reading)

If you view any of these decisions and thoughts in a different way, we are curious to know more. Please email us at curious@femalewarriorco.com

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About the author:

I live my life like an open book, and my mission is to help other women do the same.

Living a life of transparency and tenacity helps overcome life challenges by discovering your best-self through your story, your source, your power.

I’m curious to hear your story and help you on a path of courage, curiosity and compassion.

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