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As a Female Leader, is your approach Ego or Eco?

Updated: Apr 5

An Egocentric approach is an environment where one leader at the front of a movement, leveraging POWER not trusting in the potential, the greatness that can emerge from the team without her control. This leader is a power leader.

An Eco-System approach is cooperation over competition, consensus over control, teamwork over hierarchy. This is a warrior leader, she leverages the knowledge and assets of the entire ‘ecosystem’ of her team

A warrior leader will step aside to let the team’s best-self emerge, steeping in only if needed, not abandoning, but letting the curated creative energy guide the team to success.

She has been there as the team has prepared, bringing everyone’s strength, evaluating the teams’ assets to forge one unique interpretation, the merging of all talents into one masterwork.

Letting everyone’s best emerge, supporting each individual in their flow, which moves the team into an energy of its own. She feels this energy, witnessing the team’s greatness emerging she steps aside.

steeping in only if needed, she does not abandon them but lets the curated creative energy guide the team to success.

For she is a warrior leader.

A Power Leader

  • Title before name

  • Never puts their guard down

  • Responds before listening

  • Information control

  • Avoids tension & conflict

  • Blinded by own power

A Warrior Leader

  • A title is only words

  • Vulnerable in the moment

  • Always curious & learning

  • Culture of transparency

  • Curious to conflict

  • Aware of past challenges

A Warrior Leader applies the following 6 c’s

1. Commitment A warrior leader is committed to the cause, the vision, and her team. She understands that it can get messy, and knows that the path to success IS messy. She perseveres despite setbacks and challenges.

2. Connection A warrior leader understands that connection is the foundation of any group and she leads by connecting through diversity and beyond differences. She knows that disconnection leads to anxiety in any relationship and cultivates a culture that restores connection in daily interactions.

3. Compassion A warrior leader understands that compassion can thrive in the workplace. She communicates without a hierarchy structure, appreciating every voice. She listens to her team’s ideas and concerns, responding compassionately - every time.

4. Consistency A warrior leader understands that consistency establishes and solidifies trust. She is consistently transparent and tenacious. Maintaining consistent expectations, and reacting in a consistent empathetic manner, thus further connecting and strengthen her team.

5. Candidness A warrior leader is courageously vulnerable; she doesn't pretend to be an expert in all things. She leads with a mindset of “eco” not “ego”. She creates a collective intelligence, using each individual’s skill and knowledge to benefit the group.

6. Communication A warrior leader communicates, consciously, with empathy and compassion. She talks without criticizing, never judging blaming, or shaming. She listens by cultivating a space of curiosity. While listening she holds space, not forcing or controlling the conversation, but rather patiently waiting for what is for what wants to emerge.

For a warrior leader’s main goal is to achieve the best-self for her team, and herself.

We thank you for listening. (reading)

If you view any of these decisions and thoughts in a different way, we are curious to know more. Please email us at curious@femalewarriorco.com

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