Pay it Forward

Together, with the support of our partners and non-profit organizations, Female Warrior Co. is dedicated to creating programming, providing awareness, teaching processes, and offering tribal initiatives contributing to the advancement of women in our wider community.


“Finally a female community where I can be myself and learn from others.” 


—  Samantha, New Jersey


We offer warrior scholarships, a program that developed from our commitment to continually grow our inclusive community.

Empowering undeserved women and non-binary individuals seeking guidance and support from marginalization and seclusion.

Each scholarship includes joining the tribe for one year along with one-on-one coaching, professional development, mentorship, support and guidance.


Female Warrior Co. empowers and supports women in the workplace, integrating the

Safe Conversation™ process into businesses. The US Bullying Institute discovered:

In 2014, in the workplace, 31% of perpetrators were women,

68% of those women targeted other women.

In 2017 the number stayed consistent at 67%.


Our sisterhood needs further nurturing and connecting in the workplace, 

our goal is to drastically reduce this number.

A Female Warrior is a seeker, engaged in the journey to appreciate her own worth and the confidence to uplift other Warriors.

Diversity and Inclusion

Female Warrior Co. is tribal fusion of community members and partners with a diverse range of perspectives and backgrounds.

We are intentional about creating an inclusive and unbiased space where everyone feels safe and valued — regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, ability, gender identity, or socioeconomic background.


Become part of a safe and nonjudgmental online community.