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Certified Imago Therapist, LLC

Anne's Approach


Holds Space with Safety

In a sacred healing space of loving kindness, with a person-centered and compassionate method, with the skill set to listen, guide and witness people on their journey of self-discovery, Anne hopes to hold space for your pain and be a humble journey guide to lead you towards empowerment and healing.

About Anne

Anne completed her second Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling through Loyola University’s Pastoral Counseling degree. She provides professional counseling services, integrating a holistic approach which emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit.

Anne is a certified Imago relationship therapist and a Master Leader of the Safe Conversations™ process. One of Anne’s passion is to work with couples, and individuals, to from a collaborative partnership and alliance which disempowers generational familial dysfunction.  

Anne has extensive training in trauma-center yoga and EMDR, harmoniously blending her eastern upbringing with the western contemplative perspectives.

​As the founder of White Lotus Wellness Center, professor of Yoga Studies within the University of Maryland’s Kinesiology department and a graduate of clinical mental health, Anne has fused her previously earned MBA and lifelong yogic studies to create a holistic healing center. Certified as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor from Maharishi University, Fairfield, Iowa and offers Ayurvedic and Yoga Wellness consultations.


Pastoral Counselor, Certified Imago Therapist,

Registered Yoga Teacher

Founder, White Lotus Wellness Center, LLC




Individual Therapy

Anne’s approach to counseling is person-centered and compassionate. Inspired by the goals of many ashrams, inviting you to experience reverence to conscious living with a holistic approach to healing that emphasizes the connection between mind, body, and spirit

Anne will be both your guide, and your living model, of what the intentional relational theory looks like. By providing a safe environment, the root of your unmet needs will be addressed, allowing you to build conflict-free relationships that will create wonder and joy.




Anne’s unbiased, inclusive and professional approach will provide the tools to deepen your communication, build a bridge to each other’s world, and repair ruptures in your relationship.

We will Navigate through your differences and creatively repairing relational ruptures when they occur.


Whether married for one year or for ten years, we will focus on renewing what brought you together in the beginning with an objective and judicious mediation towards a healthy cooperative relationship.




A lack of relational connection leads to job loss, decrease in production and depleted business efficiency.

Conflict in relationships impacts the workplace and are directly correlated to employees’ physical and mental health.


Implementing the Safe Conversations™ process into your current workplace with strategic procedures and training for you and your staff will create a balanced, safe and healthy environment. 

A custom approach which will seamlessly integrate into your current processes and produce profitable growth that delivers results with definite ROI.

Safe Conversations Workshops

Online and In-person

What to expect.

  • An optimistic view of the world that is overflowing with awe, joy and wonder

  • How to become conscious in your relational connections with a lighted-hearted journey of healing and a deeper awareness of others.

  • Protect, nourish and transform your relationships into enduring and fulfilling connections.

  • Discover stages of relationships, both professional and personal

  • How to develop safe environments that cultivate mindfulness, wholeness and connectedness

  • A more profound understanding of Safe Conversations™, a research-based relational methodology that equips you with the skills and techniques to talk without criticism, listen without judgment and connect beyond differences.

Connect with me.

Begin your journey to personal transformation with a FREE 30 min consultation connection.

Lets’ connect and discuss your goals, needs and desires. I truly believe in your value and worth, we will discuss the right direction and next step towards your discovery.

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When you book a session with me, you can anticipate professional services in my home environment which include attributes of safety, empathy, acceptance, caring and sensitivity. 

​Before you leave our first session, I will provide feedback, we will discuss a plan of action, direction and next steps will be developed.  You are not obligated in any way to commit to a certain number of sessions. 

We can book your sessions at you feel comfortable, one at a time, weekly or bi-weekly. 


I would like to invite you into my safe space of healing, contact me today.


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