Is this community right for you?

Are you feeling undervalued, unseen, unheard and unappreciated in your relationships or career?

Is doubting your inner strength holding you back from a new endeavor or challenge?

Needing to communicate your true feelings and needs but fearful of the consequences?

Compromising your integrity when forced into difficult and negative situations?

Are you inspired, motivated and reenergized by a tribe of supportive and compassionate women?

Then yes it is!!

We can provide the Warrior tools needed to thrive.

  • Discover how to talk without criticism and listen with curiosity.

  • Receive tools that will assist in resolving conflicts, reducing repeated negative patterns and begin to heal and trust.

  • Explore your suppressed challenges, your unmet needs and how they arise in relationships and situations.

  • Learn to recognize and cope with negative environments both professionally and personally.

Become a warrior of integrity who is committed to; practicing curiosity in her relationships, open to understanding differences and offering empathy when needed.


Through self-discovery, a Female Warrior is a seeker, engaged in her journey to appreciate her own worth and the confidence to uplift other Warriors. A Female Warrior shares her warrior experience to empowers others and pay forward the lessons she has learned. 

Curious? Want to know more?


What will I experience when I join?

Online courses combined with continual guidance and communication that includes: new skills & takeaways, workshops, webinars, case studies, warrior stories, interactive online community discussions, support, coaching, and more. 

A guaranteed success rate for women who are dedicated to awakening, bringing with them a desire, a belief, and the warrior courage, to discover wonder through female connection.

What is Safe Conversations™?

Safe Conversations™ is a practical process that gives you the essential tools to talk without criticism and listen with curiosity and connect beyond differences. Through science and the method of positive consciousness, Safe Conversations™ provides a research-based process that changes brain patterns that result in a living a life of joy and wonder.


What are the benefits of joining?

We welcome you as you are, in any shape or size, at any stage in life. Join as you are and experience relational connection that has you feeling strong, united and re-energized. 

Our tribe will provide you the tools needed to live a more relationally connected, compassionate and successful warrior life—personally and professionally.

Is there a cost to join?

We strive to make our tribe feasible and accessible for everyone. There is a cost to join our 12 month membership, with payment options available.

A percentage of each membership goes towards Female Warrior Scholarship.

Will I be inundated with information and perhaps become overwhelmed??

Not at all. Our on-boarding process is streamlined and user friendly. You will be supported and nurtured every step of the way. You will be introduced to a warrior mentor, receive emails that provide simple instructions, links and next steps. Our tribe will provide a safe and comfortable learning process.


Online Community

Start your warrior journey and become part of our tribe.

Have Questions?

Contact us for any tribal questions.