About Us

The Female Warrior Co. seeks to inspire and strengthen women of every race, gender, age and religion, at every organization or societal level. Female Warriors recognize that difference is inherent in every relationship, and are open to the possibility that we are all greater for the sum of our parts.

We are a cohort of industry specialists, therapists, coaches and analysts who provide workshops, events, online guidance and relational connection. An online membership community providing personal growth and community-building skills to equip women to support women.


Female Warriors will learn the skills and techniques needed to strength their confidence, communicate with authenticity and intention, in pursuance of redirecting negativity in their conversations.

A tribe is a small but powerful group of people, small enough to feel personal, but large enough to make a difference. A tribe is not usually created out of thin air. They are existing groups of people formed around very specific interests and passions.

Our Mission

Awaken Female Warriors with the tools,  appreciation and need for relational connection.

Providing the skills needed to hear and be heard, and creating safe spaces to build coalition with other women in our Tribe.


Our Vision

In our world today, femme warriors of all ages need a strong, inter-sectional network that supports individual growth, collective accomplishment and safety in connection.

Supporting our tribe with a safe and nonjudgmental online community; warriors will be inspired to uplift and connect with everyone around them and pay forward their newfound skillsets.

Pay it Forward

Female Warrior Co. is committed to our mission of producing and implementing safe and nonjudgmental spaces into all ecosystems.

Through our partners, we have established a scholarship program for future warriors, supporting and uplifting silenced and marginalized warriors.

Our Story

Female Warrior Co. was founded by a tribe of four women that were wonderfully united through safety, relational connection and divine interventions by Lady Universe. 

These founders' possess a determined spirit, a "can do" attitude that drove their actions towards Female Warrior Co.'s mission and goals. When faced with limitations or obstacles, they only became more determined to build what they envisioned. While others were comfortable perpetuating the attitudes of the status quo, these founders forged a path leading to an inspiring and safe tribal community.

The Female Warrior Co. community continues to grow across the country and globe, fusing together gumption, passion, knowledge, and a common mission to empower other warriors through a safe and supportive tribe.

Our Founding Warriors


Anne Contee


Charlotte Alston Legg 

Become part of a safe and nonjudgmental online community.

Conquer self-doubt, fear and negative spaces

Skills to listen, be heard, and connect

Create a life of joy, wonder and compassion