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to a strong, intersectional online community.

Are you ready to awaken your Female Warrior?

A Female Warrior adheres to a practice of curiosity and affirmation in all of her relationships, and is committed to acknowledging and resolving negativity with a learned set of relational skills.

A Female Warrior nurtures her own warrior strength, and by practicing the Safe Conversations™ process, confidently, and compassionately, communicates her needs and desires.

A Female Warrior practices support and validation for members of her Tribe and community, with a structured listening process, designed to promote connection and joy in relationship.

With the support of her Tribe, a Female Warrior cultivates a safe and nonjudgmental space, works to celebrate her own uniqueness and possibility, and the uniqueness and possibility of others.

A Female Warrior does NOT need to be aggressive or ruthless.

A Female Warrior does NOT need to have a tough exterior, heavy armor or an intimating demeanor.

A Female Warrior does NOT need to be female… she is all femmes.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Self-awareness through practical tools

Conquer self-doubt, fear and negative spaces

Learn skills to listen, be heard, and connect

Feel connected, accepted and included

Learn and connect 

Latest Posts

You are not alone.
There are many women feeling helpless, powerless and isolated.
Through relational connection we heal, with proper tools we are armed, when we share our stories, we pay forward our warrior wisdom and strengthening our sisterhood.

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  • Workshop - Safe Conversations
    Workshop - Safe Conversations
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Conquer self-doubt and fear
Skills to listen, be heard, and connect
Create a life of joy, wonder and

zero negativity​